August 16, 2015

good reads gone bad

I wrote this post months ago and saved it as a draft and then....never did anything with it.
So I'm posting it now. 
Just pretend, for a moment, that it's January
(and then be grateful that it's not and enjoy the stinking hot temperatures of summer.)

For the last two years I've set reading goals for myself. 
I'm an avid user of Goodreads and it's a great source for finding new books,
finding out more about authors you are curious about
and checking out other people who love to read as much as you.

All in all, nothing but good things. 
It's also a great way to remember and keep track of all of the books you've read.

But back to the goals. 
In 2013 I set a goal of reading 50 books
and it was easy. 
I surpassed my goal and I think I finished the year with 60 under my belt.

For 2014, I set a goal of reading 75.
I'll cut to the chase - I didn't meet the goal.

I started to feel like the challenge was a burden. 
Which I guess is common with challenges or goals. 
They become hard
and you want to quit.

I found myself racing through books, so focused on getting through them that I couldn't even tell you what I was reading. 
And then I had a mini-epiphany.

What was I doing? 
People set goals for themselves to accomplish things they think they need to do better
or more of.
To help them make healthier decisions.
I don't have a problem with not reading enough. 
I read a lot and I enjoy it.
Why was I spoiling something that wasn't broken and in need of mending?

I've set many goals and resolutions over the years
but this year, I'm going to opt out of the Goodreads reading challenge.
Because really, the last thing any of us needs is to have our joy taken from us.
 Especially if it's ourselves doing the taking.

So no goal this year.
No pressure.
Just back to the sheer enjoyment that I get
from my love of reading.
No adjustments needed.

P.S. I did not take that photo and because this post is so old, I can't remember where I found it. My apologies to the picture taker.

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Shannon said...

I posted a low goal for this year. That way I can beat expectations!
My friend has a goal for page counts - I think Goodreads tracks that, but doesn't put it in the sidebar to taunt you if you fall behind.