December 31, 2014

future me

This is a letter I wrote to the "Future Me" on January 2, 2014.
I like because it can help you keep tabs on yourself, in a way.
It can help you stay accountable.
I can help you remember what you set out to do since, as we all know, 
it can be easy to forget.

This is what I said to myself early in the new year.
What will I tell myself this time round?
What will you?

January 2, 2014

Hey You,

How did it go? 
You decided that this was it. 
This was supposed to be the year of the jaw dropping transformation. 

So was it? 
Your reasons were different this time, which was important, because you've made these promises to yourself before. 
But this time - everything is different - isn't it? 

You are no longer anyone's child. You are an orphan. And as crippling as that reality is, why not make it for something good like committing to the changes that you've wanted to make for so long? Is it not as good a reason as any? Better, even?


Let's hear it.


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