August 04, 2014


Last weekend we made our annual trek to the Aberfoyle Antique Market.
We weren't looking for anything in particular, it's just a fun way to spend the day.
We found one vendor who was selling vinyl at $2 per record. 
We scored big
but by far, my best was this:

Did anyone else listen to A-ha in their youth?

I loved this band. 
How could I not with this guy as the face of the band?

Morten Harket
- the man who perhaps single-handedly increased the interest in Norway in the 1980's.
(Don't judge him by the coif and pink tie. It was the 80's, remember.)

True story - 
When I was a teenager the World Curling Championship took place in 
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,
my home town.

(Actually, I don't know if it was the World Championship or not, really. But it was International.) 

Someone gave my friends and I tickets and we took a shining 
to the Norwegian team solely on the looks of Morten Harket. 

We flirted so extensively (excessively) with them that the players actually asked us 
to join them at a nightclub that evening. 

We were 14.

I don't know if they knew that because, of course, they couldn't speak english. 

But the high from getting their attention made my year.
It was as close to Norway (and Morten Harket) as I was ever going to get. 

How could you not love him?

He was hot.

Anyway - A-ha's music was perfect for 14 year olds.
Overwrought, melodramatic, romantic to a fault. 
In our recent record shopping I found their first (and perhaps better known) album

Hunting High and Low
but I always preferred Scoundrel Days.
More drama
more strings
(ok - synthesizers perhaps).

Here's a little sample for you.

I realize it's not for everyone but listening to it again now, 
it brings back memories
and I can appreciate how unique his voice is / was.
Great falsetto and lots of power.

He's 54 now sohe was still a kid when the band went big.
It's kind of impressive.

And not for nothing, 

he's aging well.


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