June 08, 2014

my own private idaho

I know I haven't been blogging much
but I've got lots to say.

I've been busy working on our back yard.

This is the first year we aren't undertaking a big project back there so this year is all about pretty-fying.
And by pretty-fying I mean flowers and lights.

Let's go back and review.

Year 1
We cleared the chaos.

Oh and it was chaos!

Year 2 
We had to get a new fence built.


That same year we built a deck.

Year 3
We took out these bloody awful trees. They were hideous. In the winter it looked like snow covered boobs were peeking up into the living room window. 



Year 4 
We built a shed. 
I realized when liooking for photos that I don't actually have a photo of the finished project. I'll get on that and update later...

This year?
No big projects. 
Just a lot of pretty. 
The payoff.

We've come a long way.

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