June 09, 2014

flowers In the garden

A couple of years ago we took two very ugly evergreens out right in front of the house. We decided this year to plant roses. 
This is our first bloom! 
The scent is unbelievable- beautiful rose scent but with a lot of sweetness. Can't be beat. 
I am loving the garden this year.
I know I've been MIA for the past few weeks but I've got some things in the cooker (aka saved as drafts) so you'll hear more soon.
This is my first post from the IPhone!


Shannon said...

...and then 10 days goes by :)

Roses remind me of my Rose Barbie doll I had when I was little...she smelled (reeked?) of rose scent...but I really loved it and her dress was layers and layers of pink petals (or something...)...

Roses rock!

Here she is:

Jane's Next Door said...

OMG - that Barbie is too much!