March 17, 2014

new rules

I did realize that I needed to have a more concrete plan
in order to find success.

And if I had opted out of a trainer,
then what, exactly, was I going to do?

I looked online for a program.
I looked at magazines.
I found nothing that didn't promise a bikini body in 6 weeks
or abs that I'd always dreamed of.
Those weren't for me.
I needed something longer term
and that was easy to follow.

So I bought some books.

I bought three:

This was the winner.

It doesn't have glossy, pretty photos 
but it does have photos that clearly show the exercises.
It has a simple workout plan that takes approximately 6 months
and has reasonable degrees of difficulty as you progress.

It's kind of funny.
It's no-nonsense and doesn't assume that women aren't capable 
of achieving great results in the weight room.
(It actually has a chapter called " A Woman's Place is in the Weight Room".)

I'm one week in and doing well.
I think the moves may get a little repetitive after awhile
but you basically do each "stage" for 4 weeks 
so if you think you can't stand it any longer
then you can move on to stage 2.

So far so good.

It feels good to have a plan.
And it only cost $21.

I'll keep you posted on the results.

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