March 04, 2014

fresh start

Sometimes, it's ok to admit defeat.
To accept that you can't figure it out
or do what you want to do
on your own.

Sometimes, you need to go back to the basics
and invest the time and money
to get a little help.


But let me back up.

I decided two weeks ago that my mini workouts at home were too easy to skip
and that I wasn't getting anywhere.
I belonged to a gym years ago and got tired of it.
The routine,
the classes,
the everything.

So I quit.
And I did bootcamp on and off for a few years.
It was great but it was pricey
and once we bought our house,
it just wasn't sustainable for me.
(I also didn't like the winter sessions that were inside an elementary school gym. Not my scene.)
So what to do?
I haven't been feeling great the past few months
and I knew that one thing that always makes me feel better 
is working out.
My next challenge was to figure out how to make it fit into my life.
Fella works on a rotating schedule which means he's not a 9-5 kind of guy.
I wanted to be able to be at home with him on the nights that he's there - to have dinner, to reconnect, you know. Spend time together during the week.

I'd been thinking about joining a gym since December. 
But there's nothing in my neighbourhood that's convenient.
So how to fit it in?

Then it came to me - 
I'm an early bird. Once I'm awake, I'm raring to go.
I'm at my best early in the day.
So there we have it - early morning workouts. 

Find a gym near my office,
go before work.

So last week, I asked a friend at work to check out some gyms with me
For some reason, I cave under pressure from sales people.
 I get caught up in the sell and give in immediately. 
I walk away wondering what just happened.
So I asked her to come with me to prevent me 
from making any rash decisions.

We checked out Hard Candy first.
It's the "Madonna gym".
I'd seen the ads.
They feature rock hard bodies pumping iron. 
"Hard Candy is eye candy" is one slogan. 
It's vile.

I'm not hard candy.
I'm more like cotton candy
soft and puffy.
But frankly, I need something that will work for me 
and I don't give a fig about Madonna or hard bodies.
I want a gym that will inspire me and make me feel better.

So we went.
It's beautiful - brand new, floor to ceiling windows, gorgeous.
And the people?
I'm sure there are lots of glambots that I will encounter 
and they may look down their noses at me.
But again -

I don't care.

I'm 43 years old and I'm over it.
This is for me and I'm going to make the most of it.

We walked away.
Checked out another gym
(that was underground and packed with people and smelled kind of funky)
And then I went back and signed up.

I figured while I was at it, it was time to invest in some new exercise gear.

Gap - $54.95
(-35% on sale!)

Gap $19.95
(-35% sale!)

Sportchek $119.99
(no sale :()

Because you know, sometimes you have to really have a fresh start
and that means new stuff with no ties to previous attempts.
Because you see, it really is mind over matter with these things.

And my mind is excited and ready to get started.

And this is the best I've felt in months.
So how can that be anything but a good thing?

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