January 08, 2014

Where We Went

Our travel plans didn't pan out quite the way we anticipated
but we did have some good travel experiences.

In January, we went to Vancouver.
Unfortunately it was because my Aunt died, but it wasn't all sad.

In May we got to see the cherry blossoms in High Park

In July we took a day trip to Buffalo.
I fell in love with the Albright Knox Gallery

and learned this:

and was made to feel small by this:

Later in the month, we went to the Scarborough Bluffs
and remembered that lakes are beautiful too...

In August, we made it, finally, to New York and walked until we could walk no more:

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

This was an odd thing to see. 
These people made this large box out of plastic and attached a fan to the bicycle, pedalling like mad to inflate it. 
They let kids go inside to play.
Sadly, the plastic couldn't withstand the strain and quickly sprung a leak.
Still though, A+ for effort.

In October, we made one of two trips east to Nova Scotia.
I only took a few photos:

This boat was incredible. Look at the guy standing next to the scaffolding. 
This is no trick of the camera, the boat was huge.
And they painted it the most beautiful colours. 
It was so vibrant in the sunshine.
Fella wanted to know something about it but was too shy so I spoke to the man in the tan trousers to ask him if he knew. 
He told me it was built in Bridgewater (also in Nova Scotia.) 
He said they don't know how to take care of their boats down there 
so they brought it to Annapolis Royal to fix it up.
Ah, Nova Scotia. My homeland.

When we returned to Nova Scotia a week later,
it was gone.

This is a hydroelectric dam at the Saint Croix river.
It was a beautiful day and you can see the fall colours in the photo above.
Nothing beats Nova Scotia in the fall, I say.
But I'm biased.

So that's it!
The year did not go as we planned or hoped
but we had some good times too.
I feel very grateful that we were able to make the trip to Nova Scotia 
to visit my father before he died.
It was, despite the circumstances, a good visit. 
We will have those memories for the rest of our lives.

And the trip to New York was amazing. 
We'd wanted to do it for so, so long
so it's fantastic that we finally did.
We plan to return again soon.

Not sure what this year will bring,
but I look forward to our next adventure.

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