January 03, 2014

What I Watched

We don't have cable
but that doesn't stop me from watching
too much at times.

Here is (some) of what I watched in 2013
I didn't keep track the same way I did with the books
but here are the ones worth remembering.

Friday Night Lights.
I watched the whole thing.
Never thought I would be interested in a show about football 
but then I realized it's not actually about football
so I was hooked.
Loved it and will probably watch it again.

Orange is the New Black.
I signed up for Netflix for a month and watched this over the holidays.
Totally addictive.
I'd said I was going to read the book first
but I was looking for something to watch and I caved.
Totally addictive.

Breaking Bad.
This one wasn't as easy to watch because Walter White is such an ass.
(Fella can't stand him.)
We still haven't watched all of season 5 or season 6 so don't tell me what happens.
We'll get there.

Some others:

I love Gene Hackman and we also watched:
(Brilliant! Francis Ford Coppola. 
He couldn't get financing until The Godfather came out 
and made some money. 
Gene Hackman said it was his favorite film he ever acted in 
and Coppola said it's his favorite film he ever made.
 If those aren't reasons to watch it, 
what more do you need?

(am I the only person who didn't think this was good?)

(I now love Banksy after watching this film)

There were lots more but these are a few.

We'll see what I get up to this year.

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