January 17, 2014

What I Learned


Well I've covered most of it -
many of the things that made up 2013. 
 I've been thinking that maybe I should share
what I learned in 2013.
This is the most difficult post to write.
But here goes ~

I've learned that worry about what is coming makes no difference at all.
You have to carry on living your life and not be paralyzed by fear
because really,
you have very little control over any of it.

Regret is a terrible, terrible thing.
If you are weighing the pros and cons of an impending decision
go with the thing that will save you from regret
because once it's over,
it's over.
And you have to live with the choice you made.

I learned that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be.
But also that strength is not a conscious thing
it's not a choice
it's just what you do.
It doesn't make you special or different
it's just the way it is.

We are powerless to change so many things
that sometimes all you can do 
is focus on the thing
 that you can do something about. 
What do you want to change?
Because you can do it.
It's in you.
It's up to you.

It's cliche, perhaps, 
but life is not a race.
It is a marathon.
What you do for the long haul
is what is lasting.
And it's what matters.

So choose.

Go for it.

And don't look back.

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