January 15, 2014

What I Heard

I happened upon some great music in 2013.

Most notably:

I first heard Explosions in the Sky on the soundtrack for Friday Night Lights.
I have a terrible time remembering lyrics. 
To me, they've never been the most important part of music - I listen to the whole thing.
That means that it's not necessarily what the words are saying, 
but the way they sound combined with the music.
That may not make a lot of sense.

I've never tried to articulate it really.

The point is, Explosions in the Sky don't have lyrics. 

Every time I say that he says "you mean it's instrumental"

but for some reason, I don't think of it as instrumental. 
It's music without lyrics. 
It says everything
with no words.
Call it what you will.

I just bought "The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place" on vinyl
and it's gorgeous.
Watch out.
It might make you cry.

Dead Man's Will
by Iron and Wine and Calexico

I don't fully "get" Iron and Wine. I've listened to a couple of his albums and I'm either not in the right headspace when I do or it's just not my thing.
This song, again, heard on the Friday Night Lights soundtrack - killed me.

Dan Mangan
Album: Nice, Nice, Very Nice
Song: Road Regrets.

Not sure where I heard this one but I'm glad I did.

The Low Anthem
Album: Oh My God, Charlie Darwin
Just listen to it. 
With this one - once I got past how beautiful the overall sound was, 
I did really listen to the lyrics and I was much the better for it.
Should I try to learn from that?

Sigur Ros

I really fell in love with Sigur Ros this year.
I went to see them in concert in the spring and I felt like a teenager again.
You know how when you're a teenager things cut right through you 
and you seem to feel everything really intensely?
That's how I felt.
The concert was amazing.
(Another band with no discernible lyrics.)

Dave Baxter

Those are just a few.
I know I like the sad songs best
but there you go.
Take it how you will.

This post wouldn't be complete if I I didn't mention the creation of Indie 88.
I think that they are what a radio station should be.
They make me want to listen to the radio.
They play music that I loved years ago and also now.
I've discovered new music because of them and found old loves that I'd forgotten.

What shall we discover in this new year?

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