October 24, 2013

far and away

Truth be told,
I'm not super close to my family.
But it's hard to be away
when one of them is hurting.

We flew east last week
to see my Dad
who is still in the hospital.

I couldn't bear the not knowing any longer.
I had to see for myself
to know where things stand
and know how I should feel.

I know I don't always post
personal stuff
but sometimes it's all you have
and sometimes,
you need to put things out into the world
to understand them better
or at least see them in a different light.

Making the trip didn't take my worry away
but it did give me time with him
and sometimes time is just the thing we need.

It's hard to see someone grow old
and to know that our future holds the same for us.
And one thing that I took away from this is
take care of your body
because when, in the future, you find it compromised.
the effort you put in now
may serve you well down the road.

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