September 24, 2013


Do you know what it's like when you've stopped doing something, like, say
going to the gym
or getting regular checkups
or scheduling a hair appointment
and the result is that you are slightly embarrassed
and so

you stay away



(which is, of course, the complete opposite of what you should be doing and by doing so you are, again, perpetuating the problem)

That's kind of how I feel about ye old' blog here.
I've been off flitting here and there
and forgetting to land



I've been up to this and that.
I'm trying some new things.
I'm trying to figure out some things.

I loving this fall weather
and have accepted that summer is over.
I feel the renewal.
Any maybe that's why I'm back,

and the guilt.

See you soon. 


Shannon said...

Hey lady!
The good thing is - your news gets delivered! So I will still be here despite any long absences on your part!!!!

Today the weather is PERFECT!

Jane's Next Door said...

Shannon - you're the best. Hands down. :)