August 26, 2013

New York

A few weeks ago,
we took a trip to the Big Apple.
The initial inspiration for the trip
was to see the James Turrell installation at the Guggenheim.
(If you live in NYC or are heading that way, it's worth the wait in line. 
It's a really interesting experience.)
We went there on our first day
and felt all the better for having been
but really, do you need any specific reason to go to NYC?

I think no.

I got from this trip what I didn't get from the two weeks I took off in July.
In July we stayed home,
built a shed in the backyard
(pictures to follow) 
and had a chance to rest and restart
but what I didn't get from that vacation
was that revitalization that I feel after visiting somewhere new
and seeing things I've never seen.
I got that from this trip.

It's little things 
how people are
how the city works
how they dress and interact with each other.
I felt inspired.
And we both knew 
that we definitely want to go back.

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