August 27, 2013

hello moto

One thing that I got from my trip to NYC was an inspiration for fall fashions.
I'd been there partly already,
figuring out what I want, what I need
and what I'm trying to do.
Basically, forming a plan.

I'm not one to follow trends
(although I think I'm influenced by them.
 I just often think my choices 
are independent of what we've been told to wear 
by the fashion gods.
Which makes me look kind of foolish, really.)

I remember when I was fresh out of high school
and "rocker jackets" were the thing.
I almost bought one.
I found the one I wanted
I found the fit I wanted
I had the money in hand
but I didn't take the plunge.

I think it was because I was still figuring out my style
and I was hesitant to commit to such a statement piece.
(Because, in Halifax in 1990, 
if you wore a rocker jacket, 
you were punk or new wave.
That was just how it was.)

But now,
things have changed
(which is good because 1990 was a looooong time ago.)
and I care less about fitting into a certain identity or image
or, perhaps, just a pigeonhole.
I am what I am.
And frankly, I like what I am.

All of that leads to this:

Moto jackets are big this season.

On Friday,

I found this one:

It wasn't what I thought I would go for
but it fit me really well
and the colour is amazing.
It's not black
it's not green
it's peacock.

It's just as versatile as black or brown
and it's an unexpected colour.

I think it might be the one.

I probably should have bought it
it was $100 off
and it was only $249 (with the discount)
but it's a want, not a need.
And I have a long list of needs
(whether or not I really need them is up for discussion)
so I put them first.
But let me tell you,
I'm keeping an eye on this sucker,
and if a sale comes a along again,
I can't promise that I will pass it by a second time.

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