June 10, 2013

golden nuggets

Have you seen Midnight Cowboy?
No, I hadn't either.

Fella has been picking up old VHS movies at Goodwill and Salvation Army
(yes - we still have a VCR. It comes in handy, I tell you.)

So he picked up Midnight Cowboy.
I think I was confusing it with a movie that has Sylvester Stallone in it
or maybe it's John Travolta
(I don't know what movie that is either...)

Anyway, Midnight Cowboy was really good. Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight both were great.
It's pretty depressing, though, so be warned.
But it's worth the gloom.

Last week we also watch The French Connection

( I really love Gene Hackman. He's amazing. Seriously.
Have you seen Heist? It's incredible.)

I had never seen this movie either.

There's a reason these movies are classics.
They are brilliant.
The actors are amazing.
And you see that what they did
has been copied and now seem like cliche
but for what they did
at the time they did it?


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fella said...

Electric Horseman. I`ll keep my eyes open...