June 03, 2013

ballet beautiful

This may be old news
but I ordered this dvd from Chapters a month or two ago.
It sat next to my dvd player for a goodly amount of time
and I finally got around to trying it last week.

I was a typical little girl.
I wanted to be a ballet dancer when I grew up.
I started classes when I was 5 and danced until I was 15, then switched to jazz.
There is no evidence of my dancing history in my body today.
None whatsoever.
I knew I didn't have a hope of being a real ballet dancer.
I was 5"8 when I was 13.
I had large, flat feet.
And, let's face it,

not really very good.

But I loved it.
And I think because I knew I had the wrong body and feet for it,
I could just keep at it because I loved it
and it wasn't about anything more than that.
It was about having fun and feeling good.
And that was enough.

Long rambling introduction and childhood dreams aside,
this dvd got good reviews on Amazon and I was looking for something new to inspire me.

Here's what I found:

1. These exercises are deceptively simple and incredibly hard.
2. I am in terrible shape.
3. I know that, after doing this workout a couple of times per week, I will, in time, get better.
And that's what makes me want to keep doing it.
You can modify some of the exercises (and take breaks so you can keep going)
but eventually, you just have to dig in and breathe through the pain
(because, oh yes, There is pain. Lots of it.)

And now let's talk briefly of our host, Mary Helen Bowers,
Some people may find her incredibly annoying
but for some reason,
I love her.

She makes it all seem so reasonable.
To suffer through.
She has a light, voice that I think is what fairies might sound like. 
She's repetitive but encouraging.
I never cursed her.
Not even once.

So there you have it. 
I don't know that I will have a ballet beautiful body at the finish line
but maybe it will help keep my childhood dreams alive
(or at lease resuscitate them a little.)

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