May 06, 2013

what are the odds?

My fella is not a conventional type of person.
he just naturally does things differently.
A little, 
against the grain
if you will.

So when Canada's favorite coffee joint 
brings out its (once? twice?) yearly '
Rrroll up the rim to win
he likes to save up his cups
and do a rolling blitz.
Before you start thinking
ew - dirty cups!
He drinks tea
and the win cups were the insulators
so they were never filled to the brim

Here's what the entire length of the contest looks like:

pre-roll up

post roll up

so what were the riches of our spoils? 
Or is it spoils of our riches?

14 wins
34 duds.

I'm not really sure what the ratios or percentages of all that are 
but he's looking at two weeks of free teas
and a doughnut here and there.

And it was kind of fun to take pictures
(and then to pitch them all in the recycling bin afterwards.

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