May 02, 2013

three cheers for record store day!

fella has been talking about record store day for awhile
and to be honest, I was just going along with him because he loves music and vinyl.
I love them too but I don't usually have the stamina that he has
(or the resilience to put up with the dust)
 I reach my limit
long before he does.

But I have to say -

I loved record store day!
I had no idea how big it is
that it's worldwide.
But it's big!

We hit five stores in total.
The first was Kops records on Queen St.
It was packed.
It was crazy busy in there.
But fun.
Lots of buzz and some good deals.

We carried on and went to 
Rotate This 
(too snobby for my liking. Too cool for, oh, everyone. Please.)
and then up to
Sonic Boom
I really like Sonic Boom.
It's a huge store and they have a good selection.
The staff are pretty nice.

And they had a band!
And free pizza
(that was really good. I was really humgry)

We bought a whole bunch of records
got some great deals
but best of all, had a lot of fun.
People were excited about Record Store Day.
Music is such a big part of our life
and it was really cool to be surrounded by people who feel the same.
(What can I say, I'm easily led)

Record Store Day began in 2008
and you can read more about it here.

At risk of sounding like a much loathed hipster,
listening to music on vinyl really is different.
Maybe it's because I'm sentimental about the music I listened to when I was a teenager
because I listened to music differently back then. 
It ingested.
Learned every word.
(still remember most of them)
It meant something.
It was the stuff of dreams.
So I'm basically trying to recreate the collection I had back then
and it's been a lot of fun 
and I'll definitely hit Record Store Day next year.

And have a whole new list of golden oldies to search for.

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