May 01, 2013

i'm no imelda

I've wanted a pair of red flats for awhile.
I'm not a big fan of red
but it has it's place
Like with a cute pair of black pants with a french hem
or some rolled up denim.
A nice burst of colour
in an otherwise dull palette.

I found these:

It's the Amita flat from Banana Republic.
I've kind of started a love affair with Banana recently.
Their stuff is generally good quality
and you should never buy anything full price
because they have crazy sales 

So I checked out the Amita
and wasn't sure
until I saw
"attention Canadian shoppers. As of May we will no longer sell shoes online."


You may think -
So? Get your booty to the mall, yo!
(I don't know why I'm typing / talking to myself like that. I'm really tired)
Except that I cannot shop in a mall for shoes like a normal person
because apparently I have feet like ice floes
and I'm not worthy of in-house stock of most stores.

They only carry up to size 10 in the stores even though all of their shoes go up to size 11.
(Nine West does this too. Don't even get me started on them!)

Now I realize that no one wants to see me get on my soapbox yet again about my monster feet
but I was seriously disheartened by this development.

The only good news?

The shoes were on sale for $94 and I got an additional 30% off.
So that's something.

Happy May all.

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