May 16, 2013

I found something that I didn't know I was looking for

Do you ever find something 
that you didn't even know you were looking for?

That was me on Sunday.

I ran some errands.
The weather was absolutely bizarre.
At one moment,
it was sunny,
then it poured
and then, yes, it was hailing.
Oh and it was freezing to boot.

So I stumbled into Banana Republic,
because they had a bit of a sale
and because the rain had returned.
(I was carrying my umbrella, scarf and wearing sunglasses simultaneously.
Oh Spring.)

I made my way through the store, found a few items to try 
and headed to the fitting rooms.

Nothing really did it for me
until this:

The Lydia silk dress.

It fits me perfectly.

I mean - perfectly.

It wasn't cheap but it was 30% off
it's silk
The colours are bright but not overwhelming.
It will be great for work,
for fun
for whatever.

I love that moment
that moment where you say 
oh my. 
and you know
you just know
that it's coming home with you.

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