May 20, 2013

hello dolly!

I've tried a lot of different mascaras in my life
and hands down, Lancome is the consistent winner.
Hypnose is my particular favorite
and it was time for a new tube.

I headed to Sephora 
and while perusing the Lancome section,
I started considering something other than my usual choice.

Doll Lashes

It's not cheap 
but it's worth it.

It says that it will give you a "wide-eyed look" and I'd say that's mostly true.
It goes on smoothly
and definitely enhanced my less than spectacular lashes.
The only negative is that it has a slight rose scent.
I hate the scents that Lancome uses for their products. Hypnose has the usual somewhat chemical-ly smell that dissolves as soon as it dries
but Doll Lashes smells like roses
and while I love roses,
my eyelashes aren't roses
and after I tried it for the first time
it seemed to follow me around
and I found it quite strong.

I haven't noticed it as much since so perhaps I've gotten used to it now
and I love this mascara and can't imagine switching it out.

I can't say it makes me look like this:

But that's ok.
I generally go for a less 
"plastic" look anyway.

Available all over.

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