May 10, 2013

fits like a t

I picked up some really 
(I mean really) 
cute t shirts from the Gap a couple of weeks ago.

Exhibit A is a ridiculously soft grey slub cotton with an adorable umbrella on it.
Perched atop the umbrella is a tiny black bird
(Did you know that I always mis-type umbrella?
Of course you don't. I always correct it before hitting publish. 
For some reason, I always type umbrealla. 
I type faster than my brain ticks.
It's a bad combo.)

Moving on....

Exhibit B is another ridiculously soft slub blue t shirt with fancy keys on it.

There is more to these t's than their cuteness or comfort.
It's a line they carried called "Threadless"

Here's what they say about it:

Threadless is an online community that makes T-shirts designed by people like you.

"Stripe Keys" is designed by Michael Mendoza (aka Leech) from Manila, Philippines.
Michael Mendoza loves simple T's with one or two color designs. 

For the Gap + Threadless challenge, he thought old keys would be the most interesting subject.

Well thank you, Michael. I must agree.

"Umbrella Tree" is designed by Yannachinz from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Yannachinz's rainy hometown of Saint Petersburg inspired her design. When people are caught without umbrellas, they're forced to invent creative solutions to stay dry. She would like to be a pizza taster for a living, but 
Yannachinz has not yet seen any open positions. 

So there you have it.
The latest and greatest.
I find tshirts kind of challenging to buy, truth be told.
So I try to snap them up when I find one that does the job well.
Check and check.

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