April 09, 2013

maple in the county (not the country)

A few weeks ago no plans 
so we decided to go to Maple in the County.

Apparently Prince Edward County calls itself "the County" a lot.
Which implies that it thinks it is the only county
which can't be true.
But still,
they think they are the bees knees when it comes to counties
and I have to say, it's a pretty nice place.

We started the day by driving to Picton
where we stopped at The Bean Counter, a cute little coffee place
and started our maple extravaganza with a maple hot chocolate (for him)
and a maple latte (for me)
and two maple sticky buns.

It was a lot of maple
it was also our first food of the day and we were hungry.

Note the lack of photos.

Too hungry for photos.

We didn't exactly plan our visit
so we got there assuming that it would be obvious where we had to go
and where all of the events were.

It wasn't.
But the Bean Counter came through with some maps.
We knew we wanted a pancake breakfast so we headed to Fosterholm Farms.

Again, no pictures of the pancakes
but they were delicious.
There wasn't a whole lot to see at Fosterholm but we did buy some syrup and they recommended we go down the road to Vaderdale Farms.
Apparently their operation was still in action.

They also had maple taffy.
It got stuck in my teeth
but was, yes, delicious.

Sap bucket.
I think this was just for show.
They don't really use them anymore.
They mainline the trees and have huge lengths of tubing running through the forest.

Sugar Shack in action.
Let me tell you.
It smelled amazing in there.

It was a good day.
Nice to get out of the city.
Some people who sat next to us at the pancake breakfast
were amazed we drove all the way from Toronto
but we were glad we did.

P.S. Truth be told, I thought I posted this post ages ago.
Alas, it was saved as a draft and nothing more.
Better late than never.
It also makes me glad that all that snow is gone....

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