April 16, 2013

buds still closed (Update!)

i did not take this photo.

I am determined to not miss the cherry blossoms in High Park this year.

Did you know there's a website (more than one, actually) that tracks the progress of the blooms?
Thank goodness there is!

Latest updates:

March 26: Buds still closed.

April 2: Buds still closed

April 12: Buds starting to turn green.

And on the High Park site it says:
No blooming expected for the weekend of April 20-21.
Check back April 23 for updates.


As soon as I get wind of blooms,
I'm hightailing it to the park, camera in tow.

Gotta love life in the big city.

Update: April 22 - buds are swelling!
Maybe this weekend!

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