April 18, 2013

Book # 18 of 2013 : The Metropolis Case by Matthew Gallaway

I hadn't even finished this book yet and I'd started writing my "review".
That's not a good sign.

I told fella that this book was boring.
He asked me what page I was on.
"150" I said.
"That's not good", he said.
Strike one.

I was reading it on the way to work one day and a thought occurred to me -
The writer doesn't like women.
Of course I don't know if that's true.
How could I know that?
But there was something about the way he wrote about the female characters that made me think that.
I don't think I've ever felt that way before 
so I had a hard time deciding if that was true.

One positively bright moment in the book is in Chapter 32 when we have the following passage:

"That afternoon, Martin arrived home in time to take Dante to the vet, where he was promptly diagnosed with ringworm and taken to the back for treatment. By now, Martin not only had acclimated to the idea of permanently adopting Dante but also was even made so disturbingly bereft by this small separation that he wondered if he might be approaching some line of sanity.
'Do I look insane to you?' he asked the receptionist.
'Yeah, kind of.' she answered. 'Do I?'

This was my favorite moment of the book.
Maybe it's because it's about a cat.

Martin was my favorite character, if I had to choose.
But even with him - 
why were we exposed to him?
Why should we care?

The story was too disjointed.
The characters too separate for the majority of the story.

The chapters read like short stories.
Like long short stories.
Long, meandering short stories with unlikable people.
What was the point?

That gives me an idea, though - 
that would be an interesting format for a book.
Short stories that have no connection 
but that are separated by other short stories. 

Oh well. 
Hating one book out of 18 is not so bad,
in the end.


Shannon said...

oh yah!
totally been there writing the review before i was done!

cat lady!!!

Jane's Next Door said...

It's the truth. I'm a crazy cat lady!