March 26, 2013

stories we tell

It was me that wanted to see 
Stories We Tell
by Sarah Polley.

I'd heard it was good.
It has won some awards.
I was curious.

I was disappointed.

There were parts of this film that I liked.
There were moments that I thought seemed very real.
But there were times when I wondered
why did she make this film?

I like to think that even if I don't enjoy a film
I can take something away from it
and I did.

But it wasn't an understanding of why people love this film so much.

If anything, it was how ordinary life is.
And no matter how many Super 8 films you shoot 
of a housewife that as we watch them, 
she becomes someone glamourous and alluring -

in the end

she was bored 
Bored with her life
bored with her family.
Bored with it all.

And selfish.

Maybe I just didn't get it.
But I'm not sure there was anything to get.

It had an air of mystery to it
but in the end
we saw that the wizard behind the curtain 
was someone who couldn't remain loyal to her loved ones
and who repeatedly left them behind.

Yes, this is a harsh review
and I'm not discounting how hard it is to lose a parent
and how mythic they can become after they are gone.
I'm just saying that they don't always deserve it
and sometimes
the truth is the better memory to keep.

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