March 11, 2013

jump around

This past weekend was beautiful.
Warm-ish on Saturday
and really warm on Sunday.
Serious meltage of the iceberg in our driveway.
(which is great because we've only been able to part in the bottom third of our driveway for weeks.)

So I've been thinking about getting outside
and what kind of activity I can embark upon to start working my butt into better shape.

Years and years ago I used to go to boxing classes.
A couple of years ago, I did bootcamp.

I have found through these two things, that my brain responds well to basic exercise.
Sit ups.
Jumping Jacks
(oh how I hate, hate, hate plank. Mostly because my abs are like a bowlful of jelly)

So that had me thinking.


Oh I know.
Skipping may conjure an image like this one:

but have you skipped since you were the age of little Sally up there?

Skipping is hard. 
But fun.
And it doesn't take long to get better at it.
Oh and you don't have to do it for an hour to get your hard rate up.
It gets up. Pronto.

I've been doing some research to pick a good rope. 
I've used many
and some were awful,
most were too short for me.
so I'll find something good.
And once the ice has cleared enough so there's a bare spot in my driveway, off I'll go.
With a 
and jump.

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