March 13, 2013

Book #11 of 2013 - Sutton by JH Moehringer

Maybe I should be embarrassed to admit 
that I didn't know anything about Willie Sutton 
but I really didn't.
He is an endearing man in this version of his life story. 
I liked the angle of the story - how it travelled from the past to the "present"
(not really the present but present enough.)

I liked the descriptiveness of the book.
It was easy to follow and imagine. 

There was even a touch of suspense.

But didn't I give it 5 stars.
Because the writing didn't stay with me 
the way other books have - Richard Yates, Michael Cunningham, etc. 
When I read their books
I underline lines
and dog ear the pages.
I want to remember.
I carry them with me
after the final page.

With Sutton
it was pure entertainment
which is a great thing
and if you're heading out on a beach holiday
then this would be a good one to have along.

In closing -
It was a pretty book-
 but it wasn't beautiful.

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