February 25, 2013

love affair

You don't often (ever) hear people say they are having a love affair with Toronto.
It just doesn't sound right.
But the truth is, I do love Toronto.
It's a great city.

But why?

I have a new co-worker who is from Vancouver.
She grew up here but had to move back to care for her mother.
It was a bittersweet decision.
She came back to care for her mother who is ill
but she pines for "her city".
Her beautiful Vancouver.

I am from Nova Scotia.
It is really beautiful there too.
When I tell people I'm from there, they almost always say
"oh I love the east coast!"
It's worthy of their love.
But do I want to live there?
Not at this point in my life.
I miss the ocean.
It makes me ache when I think of it
but I don't want to live in such a small place
At least not now.

People may not think that Toronto is beautiful.
It may not be obvious
there are no mountains or ocean.
But the beauty is there - you just have to look for it.

I'm going to try to photograph some of the beautiful bits
and share them here.

I'll call them
"my city"
because I think it's high time
for a little hometown pride.

This is an old photo 
but it's one of my favorite statues in the city.

Peter Pan
Glenn Gould Park
St. Clair Avenue West
"To the spirit of children at play"


Shannon said...

do you read classic copenhagen? i love this blog because of the pride she has for her city! oh and her photos are ace!

Shannon said...

ps. LOVE this!

Jane's Next Door said...

I hadn't seen Classic Copenhagen before! It's now on my list! :)