February 04, 2013

Exit Through The Gift Shop

We watched this film over the holidays.
It's not new
but it's pretty good.

I've never paid much attention to street art or graffiti, if you prefer, but some of the art shown in this film is oh-so-clever that it has piqued my interest.
Banksy, in particular.

Of course, this film isn't really about Banksy
it's about "Mr. Brainwash".
A "filmmaker" who follows street artists around and films them in action.
Mr. Brainwash eventually sees the light and starts to believe that he too, could be a street artist.
Primarily from stealing ideas from those street artists have let him tag along
but regardless, he thinks it's easy.
And perhaps it is.

This film is hilarious
and it opened my eyes to some really great art
in my own city.
You just have to look for it.

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