February 27, 2013

Book #7 of 2013: Hush by Kate White

I have to say
we had another winner.

It was good.

I just realized the photo above is in french.
I was going to change it but then 
I thought
This is Canada!
We're supposed to be bilingual here!

You wouldn't buy this book because of the cover anyway
but I can tell you
it's another good story
interesting story
good characters.

Another mystery
and I had a suspicion of whodunit
but I was still somewhat surprised in the end.

Her books are reminiscent of each other
but not repetitive
so I guess that's why I've enjoyed all of the ones I've read so far.

They are good filler between the meatier picks.
(that sounds kind of gross really. Kind of like meat picks. Ew...)
Signing off.

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