February 13, 2013

Book #6 of 2013: So Pretty It Hurts by Kate White

One of the good things about an ereader is that you can hide the book you're reading if it's kind of embarrassing.
For some, the source of embarrassment would be something like the Shades of Gray series
(although considering the number of people I've seen reading those books in public, 
it doesn't seem to be an issue for most people. )

But for me, sometimes I think I should read things that make me look smart.
Which, when you think about it
is pretty stupid.
And perhaps even more embarrassing that I think that anyone is paying an iota of attention to what I am doing.

so when I saw some of Kate White's other books available at the library
I signed them out too.

A little mystery is a good detractor from the winter blues.
These are like junk food with no calories.
The only sacrifice is your time
(and they really don't take a lot of time.)
Truth be told, I was traveling when I plowed through this book 
so I got through it even more quickly than usual.

Apparently Kate White has a series of books 
where the main character is Bailey Weggins 
(a terrible name)
Apparently Bailey is a sassy lady who encounters all sorts of trouble 
while maintaining a great figure, sex life and clever wit
oh and lives in Manhattan.
It's a bit....predictable.

But - 
the mystery parts of the story are good.
Good character development
Interesting stories and plot twists.
And yes - easy to follow.

So while these books may not be anywhere close to Austen or Dickens
they are fun and entertaining and harmless.

And there's no shame in that.

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