February 06, 2013

Book #4 of 2013: The Sixes by Kate White

One day last week I was trolling through the Toronto Public Library site looking for some new reads for my Kobo and I happened upon Kate White.
I like mystery novels.
They are kind of fun.
If they're good
they suck you in and keep you in their grasp until the final page.

This one was pretty good.
It got great reviews online and hey, it was available.

It's about a writer who has fallen from grace and is sort of banished to teach in a college 
while her reputation repairs itself.

While there a female student goes missing and that opens a can of mystery worms that hints of a secret society on campus - one with ill will and perhaps murderous intents.

Sounds good, right?

It was!

I like mysteries from time to time.
They are quick
and I don't think any of Kate White's books are difficult to read or follow
(I'm on my second one right now)
and sometimes, in the dead of winter,
it's just what you need.

She's no Agatha Christie
but considering it was a free download from the library
it was a good find.
On to the next!

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