January 16, 2013

Vision Quest

Does anyone else remember this movie?

Matthew Modine was in the movie.

And he looked like this:

Madonna was in the movie.
And she looked like this.

This was her big hit from the movie:

I loved this movie.
How could I not? 
It came out when I was 14.
I had the soundtrack too.
(I was really into movie soundtracks back in the day. Sometimes I still am.)

Fella and I took a trip to Buffalo over the holidays and hit up the Record Theatre music shop.
That place is amazing.
It's huge.

And I found myself a new vinyl copy of the Vision Quest soundtrack for $1.99.

I still love it.

Especially this song:

I picked up some other golden oldies too:

I love vinyl.
I know that's such a hipster thing to say
but it makes listening to music 
an event again.

I think I used to feel music more when I was younger.

I think that listening to these records isn't just about the music
but about taking myself back to where I was
whether it was good or bad
it meant something to me.
And for someone who can't remember the lyrics to anything
I remember the lyrics to the songs I loved as a teenager
because I listened to them until they became part of me.

But who cares.

Still spectacular.

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