January 29, 2013

The Waiting Room

We don't ordinarily go to more than one film in a week
but this one was closing last Wednesday and after watching the trailer 
I didn't want to miss it.

Beware of Mr Baker was good
but this film affected me.
While I was watching it
I could think of little else
(nothing - in fact)
And I held back tears throughout.
I was sad to see people at the point where they couldn't access proper care for their loved ones
to see the fear
to see the results of the recession.

I'm not saying that Canada has a perfect healthcare system
but there are things we don't worry about in the same way.

I was trying to explain to fella afterwards what it was that got to me
and he made the point that all of the people in the film received care
and very good care it was
so they were in the right place
and they were treated well

And he was right.
So what was it exactly?

It was the people who worked in that hospital
The way they cared for those people.
Such kindness
And I've said it here before - kindness gets me every time.

I also loved that the subjects in the film were, in a way, kind of anonymous.
You don't even know all of their names
but the way they do their jobs is so admirable
and mostly goes unnoticed.
Which perhaps, is the very point.
The filmmakers dropped in
and took notice
but once they were gone
another day began 
just as the one before it.

If you get a chance
go see it.
It might change how you think
and feel
about the way you treat people.

It did for me.

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