January 03, 2013

simple is best

After the excess and indulgence of Christmas
I've been thinking a lot about

  mastering the art of simplicit 

I've decided that this winter is going to be the season of cutbacks.
Ok cutbacks is perhaps the wrong word to use.
(My vocabulary seems to be escaping me these days. Too much time off? Nah. Can't be.)

My point is this:
I bought a lot of clothes in the past few months
so I have a lot of clothes.

I don't need anymore.
I have an astounding ability to convince myself that I need that
scarf/skirt/sweater/hat or whatever it is I spy upon and fall in love with.
What I need is to wear everything I have.
I need to work my way through my closet and be a bit more imaginative.
Oh and remember why I bought all of those things in the first place.
(I was in love with them once too!)

I will photograph my outfits
and may even share them here.
I started photographing outfits in the summer and it was really interesting.
Some things that looked great in the morning turned out to be total duds (ha! get it? duds!)
The outfit wasn't comfortable or flattering
and by having a photo of it, I found it easier to remember.
(clearly I previously blocked out the disasters immediately upon discarding them at the end of the day.)

So that's part 1.

It doesn't stop there.
I need to limit all unnecessary purchases.
Nail polish, housewares, you name it.
Time to use what's already here, discard what doesn't work.

Read the books I've bought already.
There is only one exception to my no spending ruling.
 I will buy any and all Richard Yates books that I find in secondhand book stores.
He is my new favorite author and I want to read the rest of his books this year.
I think there are 4 or 5 left and I am fully committed to snatching them up when I see them.

Please note: There are 21 books in this pile.
These are not all of the unread books I have -
they are just the ones that were in my bedside table and desk.
You may be thinking - didn't she get a Kobo for Christmas?
Why yes I did.
And I intend to re-activate my library card
because you can borrow/download books for free!

Use the lotions that were a gift with purchase.
Cook from those recipe books that sit on my shelf.
And the list goes on.

It's like - once I have something, I forget why I wanted it.
The shine wears off and is no longer so shiny.

To be honest, I am being a little hard on myself here.
I'm a consumer but I'm not completely wasteful
I just think that I get caught up in the longstanding tradition of believing that having that one more thing
will make my life complete.

Of course it isn't that simple.
But in the end, happiness doesn't come from things
and sometimes my abundance of things makes me unhappy.
And so it's time to balance the scales.

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