January 11, 2013

how do you get through the winter?

I went back to work on Monday
and it was suddenly like my vacation never existed.
Ok that's not entirely true.
The truth is, by the end of the day I had a headache slamming it's way around my head
and my eyes were burning
and I was so overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do that I felt like I'd never be efficient at my job ever again and that every day was going to blend together because I never leave my desk and I was never, ever going to completely finish even one task.

An overreaction?

The tipping point was when I got on the very crowded subway wearing my ankle length puffy coat
and I thought -
it's January 7th.

Spring is a looooong way off.

But when I got off the subway,
I thought,
ok self.
Rather than succumb to the panic that is bubbling under your puffer coat,
why not come up with a plan?

I started thinking about how to divvy up the work I have to do
and focus on a task until it's done.

And then I started to think -
well this isn't just about work.
It's about winter.
And how do I get through the winter?

We can't afford a winter holiday this year
and I really, really wish we could.

But we can't and that's just the way it is.

So what can we do?

Have people over for dinner.
Go to movies on the weekends.
Read (only 49 books to go!)

Plan adventures.
I'd really like to try snow shoeing
(fella suggested it a couple of months ago)

Get out of town and discover another one.
Get out of the city and walk through the woods.

How about you? How do you survive the winter months?

What adventures do you have planned?
(I'm open to suggestions!)


Shannon said...

Take a class!

I signed up for 10 weeks with a trainer, the weeks are flying by! The last session is the second week of February. Then I will need to find a new marker.

I also have a 12 week fitness diary...

and I made a 100 day calendar on my wall to track workouts...

I remember how long the weeks felt when I had an office job...but the winter is going to be over whether you take time to enjoy it, or if you let it bring you down! Time will keep marching on, it doesn't care what you think about it! So try to catch as much fun while you can!

Jane's Next Door said...

You are sooo right! I think you have to measure it out in segments -whether it be a 12 week plan or 10 weeks with a trainer (I love love love working out with a trainer. It's fantastic.) Setting goals is a good way to measure time and before you know it - poof! - it's March! And let's be honest - our winters aren't what they used to be - it's not 4 months of cold and snow anymore - tomorrow is supposed to be 12! Gotta grab the good moments! Wise words, my friend! I like your plan!