January 08, 2013

good eats

I have been using Allrecipes.com as a source
for many of my cooking/baking adventures for years
but this fall I picked up this soup cookbook:

I've made two soups from it so far and both were excellent and have been included in my regular rotation.
They are also quite healthy recipes - they call for reduced sodium stock or no salt added and they often use turkey sausage or ground instead of pork which has a lot less fat so that's an added bonus.

I'd decided that I wanted to get another cookbook with a bit more variety
to give me some new ideas for dinners, mostly.
Dinner is the challenge. 
How to keep it interesting and not too repetitive? 
And easy to put together after a long day? 
And still healthy and tasty?
It's a lot of pressure.

Martha was the winner:

The reviews I read made some great selling points:

~ the recipes aren't terribly difficult
(geared toward beginner to intermediate cooks, which is my category.)

~ they give the prep times (and those times are accurate and are mostly under an hour)

~ the recipes are organized by season. (I love this.)

~ the ingredients aren't obscure or super fancy. 
You can get them from a regular grocery store.
Because who has time or money(or patience) for super fancy on, say, a Wednesday?

~ there is a photo for every recipe
(this can be very helpful when you're making something for the first time and don't know what it's supposed to look like. I'm not a great visualizer so this is good for someone like me.I like photos.)

~ I had a gift card for Indigo so I didn't technically have to pay for it.
This isn't exactly a perk for this particular book,
 but if it's something you want to hold out for, 
then drop some hints around your birthday or something.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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