January 10, 2013

emily blunt

I realized that I have a bit of a girl crush on Emily Blunt.
She can be kind of goofy
but super cute
and a pretty good actor too.
And I like her hair.

Over the holidays I watched

The Adjustment Bureau

 (which I initially thought wasn't as bad as I heard
and then it got, well, bad.)

But her hair was great in this movie.
I've decided to let my hair grow long
and this was the inspiration I need.
Her style is simple
and exactly what I want.
So I need to resist a visit to the hairdresser
and stay the course.

I also watched
The Five Year Engagement

This is not a great film
and it was about 40 minutes too long.
I think we felt, too much, just how cold and dismal Michigan winters were.

but again - super cute hair,
and Emily Blunt was great.
(There were weird make up things going on in this movie. 
Maybe it was my computer resolution 
but Jason Segel appeared to be wearing a lot of pancake makeup 
(if they still even use pancake makeup.)
Seriously - his neck was not the same colour as his face.

Anyway - it was worth it to watch both of these movies for the hair inspiration alone.
Stay the course.
That's the ticket.

Let it grow.

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