January 28, 2013

Book #3 of 2013: We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

This book is really something else.
It wasn't what I expected at all.

I think many of us have a sense of what this book is about - 
a mother and her son.
The son is not a normal kid
and he does something very, very bad.
(I don't want to blow the story for you if you don't know. You find out what he did pretty early in the novel
but still - I'll let you discover it for yourself)
No doubt about it 
this book is bleak
but it's pretty incredible too.
At the risk of sounding less brainy, 
I was glad I read this book on my Kobo because there were a lot of words I didn't understand 
and I was able to look them up.
It's a smart book.
And it grabs you in the end.
But in the beginning too
because, you see, it's not about what the son did
it's about the mother
and how she really felt.
I am not a mother 
so my impression of it is probably different than someone who has children.
I would actually love to hear what a mother thought of the book.
Because I couldn't help but wonder who the villain really was
and how things might have been different
if things had been different.

An excellent, if brutal, choice.

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