January 15, 2013

56 Up

Last weekend fella and I went to see 56 Up.
It's the latest installment of a series of documentaries that started in 1964 
It's about a group of children
as the director checks in with them every 7 years
marking their progress and change 
as they grow up 
and now 
grow old.

I haven't seen all of the films
but I found this one very moving.

Our lives are often remembered by milestones
but these films show a different life from the usual movie fare. 
They are, in many ways, completely ordinary.
It's not their achievements that are being marked
but rather 
how they've gotten from then to now
and how they've lived.

It's a fascinating study.
And one that I hope continues 
with all of them
for many 7s to come.

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