December 27, 2012

Christmas over here.

I love our tree this year.
(I think I say that every year.)

cats on Christmas morning are pretty easy to please. 
They each had their own box so they curled up and went to sleep immediately.

I was a lucky girl this Christmas. 
Fella got me at 70-300mm lens for my camera.
Those gold boxes get me every time.

And a Kobo!
Now I don't have to tote heavy books with me on the subway.
I am kind of old school when it comes to reading
I love paper
I love the smell
I love the permanence of books.
But when I commute or travel, I think I'll prefer what an ereader has to offer. 
Light weight and lots of choice.
My reading habits are completely different when I'm on vacation.I find it hard to concentrate.
 This will be good. It also has the light so I can read in bed at night and not disturb fella.
 Double win. Or maybe that's a triple?

We had Christmas dinner with friends this year so we cooked our turkey on Boxing Day.
Delicious as always...

Chester watching over the snowmageddon aftermath... 

First time in the Sorels this winter!

Hope you're holidays have been merry!

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