December 17, 2012

642 things to write about

I have come to realize that I'm not really an "ideas" person.
Maybe it's because of my job.
I don't really come up with the new ways of doing things,
but I make sure they get done.
I think my contribution is valuable
because what good is an idea if it doesn't come to fruition?

When it comes to something creative, however, you kind of need ideas in order to, you know, create.

Same deal with this here blog.
I like to write
but I have a hard time coming up with "topics."

A week or so ago I was killing time in the bookstore and I saw this:

Imagine that!
642 things to write about!
That's a lot of things!

This is what I need! I thought.
Just a little direction!

It was written by the San Francisco's Writers' Grotto in 24 hours.

There are some gems:

You are a pirate. Describe your perfect day.

A house plant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.

What can happen in a second?

Write a story that ends with the line
"And this is the room where it happened."

This could keep me going for a very long time.

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