November 05, 2012

remember remember the 5th of november

November is one of those months that fills most Canadians with dread.
There are no holidays.
The weather is the worst - cold, damp, rainy
All the glorious colours of fall are gone
the trees are naked
and the days get shorter.

I think this is why so many people decorate for Christmas so early.
There's nothing to look forward to in November
so they go straight to the next holiday
(which is a biggie.)
I don't like to decorate for holidays too far in advance.
I think that like most things, if you look at them too long, you stop appreciating them.
So my Christmas decorations don't come out of their boxes until November is over.

So what do we do with November?

Well I have a few ideas on how I'm going to spend my November.
And it doesn't involve a plot to blow up parliament.

I did a similar thing last November
and I did ok until I hurt myself and went off the rails (so to speak.)

This month I am committing to salad days
getting in more workouts
stretching (because stretching can save your sorry self)
and trying to drop a few more lbs before the holiday season hits.

I was going to make fruitcake
(which I know to most people is not a treat at all but rather some sort of horrid punishment)
but fella and I decided to eliminate the sugary treats as much as possible.
The holidays will bring sugar galore
why bake up the temptation myself?
This is hard because I love to bake
but I also love to eat
and I need to quit that.

So that's my November plan.
Not much of a plan really
but I feel so good these days
and I don't want December to spoil that.

What is your plan for November?
How will you pass the days?

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