November 06, 2012


I can eat the same thing every day for lunch
week in
week out.
Once in awhile I'll run out of supplies
and I'll treat myself to a burrito
or a tuna sub from Subway.
(I know. Outrageous.)

But I realized something.
Eating a ham or turkey sandwich every day for lunch
isn't the most nutritious way of nourishing oneself.
So I decided to take salad for lunch instead.
I know I don't eat enough vegetables
so I decided it was time to change that.

But here's the thing
I like complex salads.
Salads with toppings.
And salads with toppings are a pain in the ass to pack.

But then I found this:

This is the salad lunchblox from Rubbermaid.
Rubbermaid gets me.
It's a large-ish box where you put the lettuce
and then there are 3 compartments in the top for your - bingo!- toppings!
There is also a little container for salad dressing.

I saw it online somewhere
so started looking for it but couldn't find anywhere in Canada that sold it.

Rubbermaid? How can we not have it here?

But on Saturday, I took a few moments to flip through the flyers
and success! 
Home Hardware came through
and it was on sale! 

I used it for the first time on Monday and I have to say,
that salad was the business.
Toppings remained separated and fresh as could be.

Money well spent.

(They also make a sandwich version if sandwiches are more to your fancy.
 I suspect the containers for accompanying snacks. Mmmm. Snacks.)

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