October 22, 2012

this land is my land part 2

Old Nova Scotia Textiles Factory
(they were going to make it into condos but it fell through)
Windsor, Nova Scotia
Blomidon Look Off - over looking the Minas Basin/Annapolis Valley

Bear River is a tidal river so some of the houses are on stilts.

(like seafood? This is the place for you!)

 Annapolis Royal

Fort Anne- Annapolis Royal

Graveyard at Fort Anne, Annapolis Royal.

Fort Anne

Things learned on this trip:
1. you can buy a century-old house in rural Nova Scotia for a pittance.
2. we may retire in Nova Scotia because of 1.
3. Nothing beats the smell of sea air. It's cleansing and peaceful, even when the ocean is not.
4. I miss home. I love Toronto, but it's no Nova Scotia.

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