October 18, 2012

this land is my land part 1

We headed to my homeland last weekend,
otherwise known as Nova Scotia.

We had lunch downtown at a new bbq place.
(ok it was new to me but I haven't been there in two years so, it's not really new.)

then we walked around a bit.
It was a beautiful day.
I've always loved this sign.
I finally took a picture of it.

This place has incredible croissants

that's right.
it's a bacon croissant.

and they are in Dartmouth!
There isn't a lot of cool stuff in Dartmouth so, this was kind of a big thing.
Great coffee too.

the historic Shubenacadie Canal!
(well, ok , it's shed next to the canal...)

Up next - the home of the first capital in Nova Scotia!
(try to contain your excitement.)

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