October 17, 2012

mission 26

Fella showed me this video last night.
It's the journey of the space shuttle Endeavour from the Los Angeles International Airport to it's final resting place at the California Space Center.

What strikes me about "spaceships" is how mammoth they are. 
I first saw it when we went to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida last winter - 
these ships are so big it's hard to capture them in a single photo.
Now, the space shuttle isn't as big as the rockets we saw
but clearly they weren't designed to travel through the city streets.

There's another video on the LA times site that shows the shuttle being detached from the Boeing 747 that flew it in. 

I also found this great photo:

The Endeavour goes to Hollywood.

See more here.


Shannon said...

My brain does not resister this as real..
I don't believe it...

Automatically I think the photo was faked!

I am an internet cynic!

Jane's Next Door said...

It does look fake. There's a whole contact sheet of his photos on the website showing the whole flight around it. It's pretty cool!