October 09, 2012

mantel makeover

Last week I decided that it was time.

Time for the summer mantel to go.

Time for the seashells
and whimsical things to hit the road.

Let's take a look back:

Clean. Simple. 
But I think the scale is wrong. 
We have a gigantic couch and that mirror above the mantel is huge
 but the rest of the room is fairly minimal.
In looking for this photo I realized that I did the mantel last in April.
No wonder I was keen for a change. 
I was sick of looking at it, frankly...

I looked for inspiration online and found some great ideas
and I tried to find a way to make it all come together without spending a lot of money.

But I realized that I didn't have what I wanted to do what I wanted.

So I thought:

I only want to buy things that I will use over and over.

I stopped buying "seasonal" decorations a few years ago. 
I discovered that:
a. they are really mostly tacky
b. they are all made in China
c. If you really look at something, you can make it seasonal.
You just have to tweak it a little.

I ended up buying a few things,
but only things that I knew I would re-use.

Here's what I did buy:

Taylor hurricane from Crate & Barrel

It's a staple, in a way. You can't go wrong with a hurricane.
And it helps protect my curious kitties from singeing their whiskers.

Tupelo Pillar candles:

white and grey - $11.95 and $15.95 respectively.
This isn't cheap, I know, but I looked at cheaper ones
and they were crap. And only a few dollars cheaper. Not a deal.
Oh and I tried to include a picture of the white candle.
but it was almost invisible on the screen so it seemed pointless, frankly.
(they are also from Crate & Barrel)

I also bought a square-ish, flared tall vase from Winners for $9.99.
(You'll see it below.)

Gourds and mini pumpkins: $3.99 from the grocery store.

And here's what was free:

Pine cones.
I lifted them from the hydro station down the road.
There are enormous pine trees all around it
and I was walking to the grocery store when I saw them
so I scooped them up and put them in with my groceries.

I cut these off the tree in our front yard.
We don't like that tree so I figured we wouldn't miss them.
And maybe it will help stunt it's growth.

And here's what it all got me:

I decided to keep it simple.
No clutter.
Easy to dust. 
(plus, I'll be adding more since Halloween is coming!)

I totally borrowed the vase/mini pumpkin/branches idea from Pinterest

I had this bowl already. 
It's a cheap glass bowl that's chipped on one side but I have used it over and over.

It's nothing huge but it's a nice nod to the season.
And as I said, Halloween is coming
so I'll be changing it up in the coming weeks.
But everything here can be incorporated.
And after Halloween?
Well we just aren't going to talk about what comes after. 
It's ages off.

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